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Great film about rapping
The film I watched was called 8 Mile. It is released in 2003 and it is directed by Curtis Hanson. The genre of the film is maybe a documentary, but it is acted so it's not a normal documentary. The film was acted well and I enjoyed watching it. The film is about a white rapper who wants to become popular in the local rap district which is dominated by African-american rappers. The film tells about american rapper Eminem and starting times of his career as he tries to get fame. The plot is in my opinion interesting and hooking. It isn't too overwhelming, because it can happen to everyone. The main role is played by Eminem himself. Although he doesn't have much of acting experience he does well in the film. Also the other roles are played well. My opinion of the film is that it is very good and interesting. Of course if you aren't interested of rapping and things like that, the film may be boring. But if you like to listen rap or you are interested of it, you have to see this film. I personally liked it a lot and I will recommend it to my friends. That's how good I think it is.

My top 5 films:

Number 5: 8 Mile
8 Mile is some kind of biography movie about American rapper Eminem. I think that the movie is really well acted and if you like rap music like myself, then this movie is must to watch.

Number 4: The Mechanic
This movie tells about a hitman who starts to train younger man to become a hitman. The plot may not sound like the most interesting one, but I think that this movie has good actors and many exciting plot twists.

Number 3: Rambo 1: First Blood
This movie may not be interesting for everyone, but I personally like it. The movie has not so many sweet scenes so it's good, if you're looking for some heavier movie.

Number 2: Shh
This movie is kind of a horror movie but it is also a thriller. It tells about deaf book writer, who moves in secluded cabin in the middle of the trees. After a while, masked murderer appear behind her window. This movie is really exciting and in some scenes even scary, which is good for some viewers.

Number 1: Crank

This is the kind of a movie, that has is full of rumble and chaos. And partly that is why, the movie was even funny some times. It tells about a hitman who is poisoned and has a hour of lifetime left. So he decides to clean the city from criminals, who put him to this situation. I recommend, that you don't this movie too seriously.

Fandom and Identity:

In my opinion everybody is someones fan. I personally am a fan of the footballstars, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. It's everyones own thing, whose fan they are. If you are a fan of some pop-idol then you are. Basically you can be a fan of more than just one person so that is why you can't always tell that whose fan he/she is. In some cases the person for example doesn't talk nothing but the person he/she is a fan of and that is when you can tell easily that she/he is a fan. But sometimes person is maybe a fan just in home or just in some events. That is when it is not so easy to tell if she/he is a fan of somebody. I think that everybody would want to be like his/her idol, but sometimes the will is so small that it doesn't show. Being a fan is basically that you like someones acting, playing skills etc. that you become his/her fan. In my opinion every fan is important, because you can share your knowledge of other star with someone who is a fan of somebody else. And you can always keep little smalltalk with somebody else about fan culture and your own fan experiences.

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